Welcome to the Ugasko Project

Since 2005, the Ugasko project has targeted immigrants, socially excluded and jobless people in irregular migratory situations, offering them a home and the means to acquire the basics needed to survive.

The project is organised to assist up to 20 people at one time, including men, women and children. Each resident follows a social insertion and integration plan that specifies objectives in the fields of training, jobs, culture, health and legal status. Residents’ stays are limited to 12 months except in special cases.

There is a home known as the “red house” at Camino de Ugasko 10. The premises are made up of seven floors covering 390 m2. There is also a 1,050 meter vegetable garden which gives fresh produce several months of the year.

The Ugasko project is mainly run by volunteer workers from the Ugasko Association, the Society of Jesus and University of Deusto students. Its funds come from contributions to the Association, aid from other local organisations such as the Bizkaia food bank, the Víctor Tapia-Dolores Sáez Foundation, the BBK and individual donations.

The Ugasko Association is a non-profit organisation, recognised by the Basque Government and entered in the Associations Register of the Department of Justice, Labour and Social Security, Section 1ª, nº: AS/B/14161/2008. It is also entered in the regional social services register under the following registration number: 1.086. Tax ID: G95558722.