Ugasko, immigrant integration.

This initiative was begun by the Jesuit Community of the University of Deusto and is currently managed by the Ugasko Association, a non-profit organisation which mainly focuses on caring for socially excluded immigrants. The Association places emphasis on training, solidarity and social insertion.

Our aims include:

  1. Provide residence for persons who are socially excluded due to lack of resources.
  2. Ensure their well being by providing food, accommodation, basic needs and leisure.
  3. Assist the men and women in our residences to draw up a personal life plan during their time in the project.
  4. Offer one to one support to the residents in developing their personal projects.
  5. Foster their social development, highlighting responsibility and solidarity between the residents.
  6. Comprehensive training for the residents.
  7. Equip the residents to lead independent responsible lives once their stay in the project has ended.
  8. Ensure they have knowledge of the social, cultural, economic and linguistic aspects of the host society.
  9. Prompt them to practise equal gender rights as an integral part of advanced society.